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Tax Considerations print

The contributions Canada Safeway makes to the Plan on your behalf are not a taxable benefit to you. Annually, Canada Safeway will report the contributions you make to the Plan as Registered Pension Plan contributions; this will reduce your taxable income.  Additionally, Canada Safeway will report both your contributions to the Plan and the contributions that Canada Safeway makes to the Plan on your behalf as your Pension Adjustment (PA). Your PA determines the maximum amount you can contribute to your RRSPin the following year.

Each year, the Canada Revenue Agency advises you how much you are permitted to contribute in total to your RRSP and to the UFCW Union Pension Plan. For instance, your eligible combined contribution room for 2006 (i.e., your RRSP contributions and your employee contributions to the Plan) is equal to 18% of your earned income in 2005 (to a maximum of $18,000) less your PA amount.

Your retirement pension benefit is taxable income. After allowing for any exemptions available to you under the Income Tax Act, your retirement pension is subject to income tax.