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Retirement Benefits print

There are some benefits that apply only if you retire from the Plan:

  • a minimum pension benefit
  • an additional minimum benefit payable in respect of your own contributions, and
  • a temporary supplemental benefit, also known as a bridge benefit.

Minimum Pension Benefit Upon Retirement

If you retire as an active member of the Plan on or before December 31, 2008 and you were an active member on January 1, 1998, you will receive a pension calculated in accordance with the formula described on page 7, except that Part 2 is equal to the greater of:

1.4% of your total earnings from
January 1, 1998 until you retire ÷ 12
$45 per month per year of credited service

Benefit in Respect of Your Contributions

With respect to the contributions you make to the Plan, upon retirement, you may decide to either:

transfer the amount in your Employee Contribution Account to an approved locked-in vehicle, such as another registered pension plan or an RRSP, or purchase a life annuity from a Canadian life insurance company.


receive the greater of:

  1. a monthly pension provided by multiplying the amount of your employee contributions without interest by 15% and dividing by 12, or
  2. the monthly pension provided by your employee contributions with credited interest as calculated using annuity factors determined by the Plan Actuary.