Learn what happens to you and your spouse’s pension entitlement if you divorce or separate from each other

in the event of a divorce or separation

Just like your house or family car, your pension is considered family property. Therefore, if you divorce or separate from your spouse, your former spouse may be entitled to a portion of the pension you earned under the Plan during your marriage or common-law relationship, as determined by Part 6 of the Family Law Act and your court order or separation agreement. This applies to married couples and common-law relationships. If you are the spouse of a member and would like to claim an interest in your spouse’s pension, please complete and send Form P1: Claim and Request for Information and Notice to the Plan administrator.

notifying the plan administrators

If you divorce or separate from your spouse, you must notify the Plan administrator and be prepared to provide your court order or separation agreement. The provisions of your court order or written separation agreement will determine how your pension will be shared. Your former or separated spouse may also be required to sign a waiver. To notify the Plan administrator of a divorce or separation, please provide the following information:

Limited MEMBERS 

Limited Members of the Plan are the former spouses of Plan Members and may be entitled to a pension from the Plan. To apply to become a Limited Member of the Plan and claim your pension entitlement, complete and send Form P2: Request for Designation as a Limited Member to the Plan administrator.

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