Learn how contributions work and what it means to be an active member of the UFCW Pension Plan

Becoming a Member

The United Food and Commercial Workers (UFCW) Pension Plan serves all BC and Yukon employees covered by a collective agreement between the UFCW Union Locals 247 or 1518 and participating employers.

For all divisions, your membership begins (the earliest of the following):

  • Once you reach age 30; or
  • Once you begin making contributions to the Plan; or
  • After your employer has made contributions to the Plan on your behalf for two consecutive Plan Years (for minimum of 350 eligible hours per year); or
  • The Trustees agree that two years have elapsed since your employer first made a contribution to the Plan on your behalf, and that you have earnings from employment in both of two consecutive Plan Years of not less than 35% of the YMPE; or
  • You have had 1,400 eligible hours reported to the Plan over 3 consecutive Plan Years.

Watch the video below for a brief overview of the process of becoming a Member

Contributing to the plan 

Depending on your collective agreement, you may be required to contribute to the Plan.

Both your employee contribution rate (if applicable) and your employer's contribution rate are determined by your union/employer collective agreement. Your employer's contribution rate increases with age. Your employee contribution (if applicable) will automatically be deducted from your pay.

For more information on contribution rates, speak to your employer or Plan administrator. 

Disability and Wage Loss Benefits

If you receive wage loss benefits through WorkSafe BC, CPP, or your long-term disability plan, you will continue to earn pension credits under the Plan. Your employer will report your deemed earnings to the Plan during the period of your disability; no employer or employee contributions are required nor permitted while you receive wage loss benefits. 

If you are not receiving wage loss benefits but you meet the definition of totally and permanently disabled under the Plan, contact the Plan administrator to see if you are eligible for a disability pension from the Plan.

Designating a beneficiary

When you first join the Plan, your employer will ask you to designate a beneficiary. This person may receive a payout from the plan in the event of your death before retirement. If you have not yet designated a pre-retirement beneficiary,  do so by completing and submitting this designation form to the Plan administrator.

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