retiree health & Dental coverage

Learn about the exclusive health and dental plan available to all UFCW Pension Plan retirees

Health and Dental Coverage for Retirees

Plan members who retire with a monthly pension may opt-in to the UFCW Union Benefit Plan for Retirees (the Retiree Plan) - an extended health and dental plan offered through Pacific Blue Cross. 

Plan Coverage

For coverage details, please refer to the Pacific Blue Cross Coverage Booklet.

Joining the Health and Dental Plan

You will be given the option to join the Retiree Plan when you apply for your UFCW pension. To enroll, complete the Pacific Blue Cross Enrollment Form.

If you initially decline the offer and decide to join later, you must provide proof of good health at your own expense. In addition, dental benefits will be limited to $250.00 reimbursement per covered individual in the first 12 months of coverage. Pacific Blue Cross reserves the right to refuse any applicant whose health is unsatisfactory.

Monthly cost

The monthly premium rates effective January 1, 2024 are as follows:

  • Category

  • Single

  • Couple

  • Family

  • Extended Health & Dental

  • $142.13

  • $271.97

  • $311.39


If you are entitled to health and dental coverage through the UFCW Union Benefit Plan for Retirees (the Retiree Plan), then you are NOT eligible for coverage under the Canadian Dental Care Plan, regardless of whether you elect to opt-in to the Retire Plan. For more information, visit the Pacific Blue Cross website.

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